Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Marvel Sketchcards: 2/2

Last batch of cards, approved and sent out. The quality's not as good as the first batch, but that's my fault cos I was practically rushing these (especially the last 60 cards, I think) to meet the deadline... that'll teach me to procrastinate...

Also, I made it a goal for myself to go through all 350 cards WITHOUT drawing Wolverine (not cos I hate the guy, cos I don't, I love wolverine, but I figure everyone else will be drawing him anyway, so missing from one artist won't be so bad), but in the end, I buckled as you can see in my last card. Oh well! Ha ha ha ha. Still, enjoy peeps.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Marvel Sketchcards: 1/2

I'm doing a Marvel Masterpieces II Sketchcards work and I just got my first batch ALL approved, so here it is, in one LOOOOOONG collected form. 180 sketchcards, soon to be available inside boxes of Marvel Masterpieces II trading cards. Only ONE card per box in a random pack inside said box. I'm doing 350 cards and I'm well on my way to putting in the finishing it all... soon... real soon...