Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Marvel Sketchcards auction!!!

So, the Marvel Masterpieces II series is out and some of my cards have been pulled and put up on Ebay for auction. If there are among my fans who wants to grab a sketchcard that I drew, you can try to bid for it.

Elsa Bloodstone

Agent Brand

Alex Wilder (part of a 6 cards Runaways set)

Aunt May

I'm actually just proud to have the cards just being pulled out in the first place. This is pretty cool stuff.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Komikoo #4 is out!

And my latest comic is in it. I'm kinda proud with how this comic turned out cos I really put effort in it especially the colouring. I also coloured it straight in CMYK, so the comic prints out EXACTLY how I coloured it, so that's pretty cool there. Well, it's a little dark, but I think that's cos of the paper used. The cover is done by a friend and colleague of mine, Kromosom, very talented individual. Anyways, 2-page preview to my comic under the cut.

Malaysians, go get em at your local newsstands and bookstores!!