Thursday, November 22, 2007

Komikoo #0!!!

It's out (in Malaysia)! My latest foray in the local comic scene, this is a new komik magazine that just came out in Malaysia that is published by a good friend of mine. Those who are in Malaysia, you can get it now at book stores and places like that.

Oh, also, my komik is in there too... though it's not really of high quality... but it's colored by Aura so it's still good quality! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Go... buy... now...

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Sketches and stuff...

The first sketch is just a whole buncha hooey that I just randomly draw. No story or anything behind any of those characters.

The second sketch is something I've been playing in my mind recently called Zinda the Dragonslayer... those are, again, random sketches but this time of the whole Zinda the Dragonslayer idea. The idea behind this one is that the guy is her rival and the girl with the punk hairdo is a dragon in the form of a human, I figure I'll name her Sylph... such a common name for this Humanoid reptiles... and the guy on top I guess is a villain? Also a dragon in human form.