Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Auction ending soon

There's only 18 hours left for my Next Wave MM set 2 Artist Proof cards auction.

If you want an original drawing of mine that's not available anywhere, bid for it now before it's too late.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Marvel Masterpieces II Artist Proof Sketchcards for auction

This is it, I'm ebaying my Next Wave puzzle set I drew for the Marvel Masterpieces II Artist Proof cards. Here is the link to the ebay item:

Next Wave!

Bid for it if you want it ^_^

Marvel Masterpieces II Artist Proof Cards

So, Marvel gave us 10 Artist Proof cards where we can draw Marvel cards and do whatever we like with it, keep it, sell it, trade it, ebay it, whatever... I finally finished my MM2 APs and just got them approved by Marvel a couple of hours ago. I had 6 of the cards commissioned exclusively for people on the Scoundrel Art Forum and 1 card for the winner of the name everyone in my MM3 list I did a couple of entries ago. So that leaves me with three cards to do whatever I want with. And here's what I did:

What's gonna happen to these three cards is that I'm gonna ebay em... as a set, of course. When will I start? I dunno yet, but once I do, I'll announce it here, my livejournal and probably on my deviantart journal too. If you want this Next Wave set I did, just keep your eyes peeled for my ebay announcement in the next couple of days.