Thursday, November 22, 2007

Komikoo #0!!!

It's out (in Malaysia)! My latest foray in the local comic scene, this is a new komik magazine that just came out in Malaysia that is published by a good friend of mine. Those who are in Malaysia, you can get it now at book stores and places like that.

Oh, also, my komik is in there too... though it's not really of high quality... but it's colored by Aura so it's still good quality! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Go... buy... now...

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adine0212 said...

Oh wow, so you're a mangaka in Malaysia? Coolness!
I want to congrat you for that, though we don't know each other.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

ive been following his work for a loooong time silently though... probably 7-8 years.
hehe ... his stuff inspires me alot.

eisu: keep up man !! ill be watching u . i like ur dynamic works !

Anonymous said...

how come i never found komikoo?
must be very limited~~