Sunday, January 20, 2008

New sketches

(Cross posting with my livejournal)

I finished some work at the office and drew this earlier last week, but didn't scan it til now. These are just some faces I drew, see if you can recognise these people... except for the one on the top, that's just some random weirdly shaped head guy...

Right after that, I decided to draw a bit of a commentary to Marvel's "One More Day" story arc of recent Spider-Man comics.

Then, I decided to draw some Altair heads which then lead to me drawing that weird looking guy with a creepy smile at the bottom corner and that made me want to draw the Heath Ledger Joker of the upcoming The Dark Knight movie. And I added Scarecrow in there for fun... anyways, that leads to...

...A full sketch of the Batman Rogues in a slightly sort of kind of not really realistic look.

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