Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stupidity: On TV!!

So, I came to work, turn on a computer and goes to my usual net spots, which includes the place where I get ALL my gaming news, Kotaku. And one of the gaming news that I got? Stupidity of Mainstream News Television... FOX News...

Okay, yeah, people have always said that Fox News is just not a credible piece of news network as they get facts wrong and/or they don't get any kind of facts at all, but man, the annoyance level... it'll always be there, yanno? This time, they were talking about this really superb game, Mass Effect.

Basically, Mass Effect has this part in the game where you can have sexual relations with a partner of your choosing between 2 characters, depending on what gender you play. But to get to this sex-scene, so to say, you have to go through 20++ hours of gameplay before arriving to said scene which, from what I heard, is near the end of the game and to get it, you have to work hard for it, choosing the right thing to say and the right thing to do. Heck, you might not even get it from what I heard if you do things wrong.

Yes, you see me type from what I heard mainly because, for lack of a console, I haven't really played this game. I mean, I'm playing it, but on my friend's console and I'm playing like, 1-2 hours a time and so far, I only played it for 3 times. That's beside the point.

Fox News is saying that Mass Effect is a horrible influence to children because it depicts "full nudity and sexual intercourse where you can do whatever you want" if I quote the anchorbi... I mean, woman, correctly. This is totally unfounded and untrue. From what I know, there is no nudity, the scene was tastefully done and all you get is a 2 minute cut scene of the sexual intercourse in progress. And out of a 30++ hours of gameplay? What is 2 minutes? But apparently, this is the issue that's being spotlighted on Fox News and how the game is a bad influence because of it, even though the game's main storyline does not even revolve around that scene. They got this debate thing that went on for less than 5 minutes between Geoff Keighley, someone from EGM I think and an "expert psychologist" who says that the game objectifies women and is played by children despite having a Mature rating (which is 17-18 and above) and the annoying part is how the "expert psychologist" and the anchorbi... I mean, woman, keeps on interrupting Keighley when he tried to set the record straight about Mass Effect. And when Geoff finally gets his time to say something, the anchorbi... I mean, woman, interrupted him and said, "Oh, we're out of time" and then they went to a bunch of stupid people panelist who complains about the game that they never played (Keighley asked the "expert psychologist" if she played Mass Effect and she scoffed and said, "No") and one of the panelist said that it's unfortunate that parents have to work harder now to keep tabs on their kids. Why is that unfortunate? You wanna go party the whole night and leave your kids alone if their responsible enough to take care of themselves? It's unfortunate cos kids bog your life down or something? That's a horrible thing to say.

I just find this whole thing so annoying and stupid, so out of the advice of a friend, I decided to blog about it and let it out.

For full story, click this link to Kotaku's article of the matter.

Dumb anchorbitch.

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