Monday, May 28, 2007

DoodleBomb! Blogger style, First edition!!

Some Superhero sketches I did at work

Some face studies I did...


Sarah Joan Mokhtar said...

That logan sketch *reeks* of attitude, man.

I dont suppose you have a link to some pirates-related goodness? *grin*

Bobby Crosby said...

Great stuff.

azhar said...

giler babaeng hebat power..Eisu nih!!

ni baru sketches!!!

not yet final artwrk..

dem You Joe Quesada!!! why don't you hire Eisu to do one of yer X titles...


post more sifuu!

Eisu said...

Sarah: Pirates related goodness? Nahhh, haven't really made any kind of Pirates fanart ^o^

Bobby: Thanks! ^^

Azhar: Cos I haven't sent a new submission to Joe Q yet, so he doesn't know how much I've improved from my last submission, ha ha ha ha