Thursday, August 6, 2009

Trip Photos.

The past week and a half or so, I made a trip to Los Angeles all the way down to San Diego to attend San Diego Comic Con and then back to Los Angeles for a week to stay with my foster brother. Here are the photos to that trip.

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SDCC was huge fun for me, I met a lot of great artists like Eric Canete, Sean Galloway, Tim Townsend, Sanford Greene, Bobby Rubio and so much more. Also, my first volume of No Pink Ponies debuted there as a graphic novel.

Hopefully, I can work on NPP in this week or so as I am confined to my house on a mandatory swine flu quarantine for 7 days. Today's the 4th day already. I wonder if I can work on it enough to get volume 2 printed by next year...


フリヤブラズ said...

hi.ur fb link. is it possible if u approve me as a fren?
if not its ok cos i understand ur privacy.
im only a fan.
i really like ur drawing style though. ;)

Eisu said...

Sorry, I'm afraid I can't add people I don't know, as you said, you understand my privacy, thank you.