Friday, July 30, 2010

Cards and Ebay Auctions, mine and others...

First, my Iron Man 2 Artist Proof have finally been approved.



These cards are for sale at US$80 each. The 6 card puzzle up there is at US$400 for the whole set. E-mail me at eisu.commish(a) if you're interested.

The Dark Phoenix card is SOLD.
The Rogue card is SOLD.
The Gambit card is SOLD.
The Ms.Marvel card is SOLD.

Secondly, my ebay auction for my P'ups and Pro Artist Exclusive are ending:

And now, I've been slacking on my Sketchcard watch recently, so I got A LOT to list:

5finity's The Pro

5finity's Pulp Girls/Mixtape

Breygent's Golden Age of Comics

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