Thursday, December 23, 2010

YON GUMIX 6 for sale!

That's right people outside of Malaysia who had to miss Comic Fiesta 2010! We are now selling our book that we sold there, Yon Gumix #6 for international orders!!


The cost for the book is US$10, this includes shipping and handling (We'll be sending it registered mail to secure it so that the book will arrive safely). The book is in English and is in (99%) full colour, fully printed. It looks gorgeous and it includes THESE pages!

Artists includes Hanie, Aimo, Mel, Laine, Zid and Dinjerr.

E-MAIL at if you want a copy of your own! We only accept paypal payments.

(Malaysians, please e-mail me for further information on how YOU can acquire said comic as well since the shipping costs and payment option is different locally)


Hanie said...

mana mel n dinjerr nye page?

Anonymous said...

My page will hurt people's eyes! X_X