Monday, August 20, 2007

Avatar Fun Kids! with Mary Jane

Something I drew yesterday at Comiworld. It was supposed to be drawn for this cute little girl who wanted another Avatar art I did (which is a crossover of Avatar and Azumanga Daioh, but it's a commission, so it's not with me, but worry not, I asked the commissioner to e-mail me the art after she scans it) but she and her father never returned back to the booth after the event was nearing finish and I needed to go off. Alas...

Something I did on the first day of Comiworld past Saturday. This one isn't a commission or anything, I just had a lot of time in my hand and decided to pass it by doing something Adam Hughes inspired. I don't really like how her face turned out though, the eyes are too far apart and the head itself is too wide.

She's supposed to look like she's undressing and has Spider-Man's costume underneath but as a friend of mine mentioned, her pose looks more like he's hugging/holding a cat. Eh heh, my bad.

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azhar said...

whatever it is u think not right..
its great to me!

Gila tere Eisu nih!

bila la nak dapat latest comic by Eisu & sign by Eisu..

er saya nak fan art dr Eisu bleh?