Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chun Li and the Ultimates!

Another entry to the Pergh's character re-design thing. This week, the character to re-design is Chun Li. Costume inspired from Dynasty Warriors game.

And this is just a doodle of Nick Fury, Captain America and Hawkeye from The Ultimates. My friend in the office added the dialogue Nick Fury said after I was done with it.


AdiFitri said...

Dude! you've participated in every Character Redesign Battle so far!
much thnx for the support and keep 'em coming!
-a.k.a bohrtaag

Mesías said...

Hmm, as I can see that design reminds me slightly her apparition on SF III: 3rt Strike I think. Anyways, it looks cool.

Taryn said...

People should read this.