Saturday, September 6, 2008

Marvel Masterpieces III Sketchcards

That's right, I joined the Marvel Masterpieces sketchcard again. I made a challenge to myself to do 50 guys and 50 girls (or at least, robots that looked like guys or girls) and I also made a challenge to do it all in full color and individual cards only, no repeat characters.

Anyways, I finished it and thankfully, succeeded in all my challenges.

I took 100 cards for this set and I found out with 100 cards, I cannot draw all the characters I wanted to draw... there are only two cards in there that I didn't really wanna draw the character but had no idea at the time who to draw.

Bigger size version is available in my Livejournal and also a challenge for a free Marvel Masterpieces II Artist Proof Sketchcard.

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