Saturday, May 1, 2010

Commissions for Damsels & Dinosaurs and Rantz Angels

I'm opening up commissions for Damsels & Dinosaurs and Rantz Angels Return cards. These Return cards are official cards of the sets, so you'll be getting a nice card stock with an official D&D and RA logo printed at the back of the card. The commission info are as follows:

Colour = USD70-90
Black & White = USD 40-50
(prices depends on how specific the commission is)

I don't do pencils only (mainly cos I tend to be VERY messy with my pencils), my black and white pieces are inked.

I'm opening up only 8 slots per set, so please specify which set you want the commission for. 8 on Damsels & Dinosaurs and 8 on Rantz Angels. It goes without saying, of course, that the commissions must adhere to the set, as in, I will only draw women (or men) and dinosaurs or the equivalent of them being in the era said animals lived in for the D&D set and I will only draw Angels for the Rantz Angels set.

E-mail me at

Thank you.

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