Thursday, May 6, 2010

Major card foundage on ebay!

Found A LOT of my cards on ebay today but all priced very steeply with no auction option, so... hey, good luck!

I found a plethora of my Iron Man 2 cards up on ebay today.

Ezekiel Stane but I stupidly named him Zebediah which is his grandfather's name.

Iron Man

Mark I Armor Iron Man

Tony Stark in front of his Mark I armor

Iron Man

Iron Man again

More Iron Man

The Mandarin

Even more Iron Man

Oh look, more Iron Man

Well it is called the Iron Man set, so hey, more Iron Man

Iron-- oh wait, no, this is Captain America

Part of a Fantastic Four puzzle piece, Human Torch

Chibi Daredevil

And lastly, Iron Man

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